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  Electromyogram (EMG)

Nerve conduction studies (NCS) and needle electromyography (EMG) provides the neurologist valuable information about the state of the patient’s nerves and muscles. The tests help the neurologist localise and diagnose the cause of the patient’s nerve and muscle disorder.

The NCS is a non - invasive test. Electrodes are placed over the patient’s nerves and brief electrical impulses are given via a stimulator. The responses are recorded and documented. Invaluable information is provided to the neurologist as healthy nerves conduct faster and have better responses.

EMG involves inserting a slim flexible needle into the patient’s muscle and recording the intrinsic electrical activity of the sampled muscle. This helps the neurologist differentiate between nerve and muscle disorders. Most patients can tolerate the minor discomfort of the needle insertion.

EMG at http://www.ANOC.my


EMG at http://www.ANOC.my